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Event Partnership Program 2022

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Event Partnership Program Application Form

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What is the Event Partnership Program?

Melbourne is a globally recognised, locally loved, events city; where millions of people enjoy an enviable year-round program of events and festivals. At City of Melbourne, through the Event Partnership Program (EPP), we support free and accessible events that create memorable, engaging and innovative experiences for locals and visitors. We work with our partners and the community to present a diverse and colourful range of events across the city.

Please review the Event Partnership Program Guidelines prior to commencing the application.

Event Partnership Program objectives

The application must highlight how the event aligns to the following Program objectives.

Partner with events that drive economic impact, business engagement and visitation to the city, whilst reducing Melbourne's ecological footprint. Events will reflect how they can best contribute to building a prosperous city through considered timings, locations and opportunities for alignment between the city and the event.

Partner with events which help make Melbourne a city for people by offering programming that is accessible, inclusive, culturally aware, and safe whilst engaging with community groups.

Partner with events that grow or enhance event offerings for Melbourne. By creating unique and positive experiences for visitors, events will hero the city and Melbourne's unique character through marketing, engaging programming and event delivery.

Eligibility criteria

Successful events must agree to the following criteria:

  • Is your event free to attend or does it have significant free programming? If your event includes ticketed components due to COVID-19 safety requirements, contact the Event Partnership team before applying to discuss further. Free registration tickets or tickets that receive credit of an equivalent value to use within the event will be considered in these instances.
  • Does your event have widespread appeal and is it likely to attract more than 1,000 attendees?
  • Does it take place between 1 January – 31 December 2022?
  • Is the organisation applying for sponsorship a legal entity with an ABN?
  • Does the event take place within the City of Melbourne municipality? See link for boundaries.

Ineligibility criteria

  • Events that offer paid entry tickets only with no in-event credit, or events that require a donation for entry.
  • Tradeshows, conferences, teaching programs/lectures, university open days, commercial theatre, static exhibitions, PR opportunities or recurring markets (the City of Melbourne has alternative programs that may support these activities).
  • Activities that pollute land, air or water, or destroy or waste non-recurring resources.
  • Events that involve the use of exotic animals.
  • Applications from individuals/sole traders or City of Melbourne employees.
  • Political or religious events that denigrate, exclude or offend parts of the community.
  • Events that are already receiving support from another City of Melbourne sponsorship or grant program.
  • Organisations that have an outstanding debt to the City of Melbourne or that have failed to comply with the terms and conditions of any previous funding agreement with City of Melbourne.
  • Late applications.
  • Events attracting above 1,000 attendees
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If uncertain about the events eligibility, please contact the Event Partnership team via