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Creative Hoardings Trial

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Creative Hoardings Trial - Application

Thank you for your interest in the Creative Hoardings Trial. Please ensure you read this in conjunction with the Creative Hoardings Trial Brief and Submission Guidelines.

City of Melbourne seeks submissions for a new 12-month trial to present artwork on construction hoardings across the municipality. The trial seeks to establish the benefits of an ongoing creative hoardings program to improve the public realm experience.

This opportunity is open to artists who reside in the state of Victoria.

Artwork Brief

This project seeks to enhance the city's visual and cultural appeal. While the commission has no thematic limitations, proposals that prioritise the following are likely to be considered favourably. These include:

  • Works that relate to Melbourne without being didactic or leveraging overused iconography.
  • Works that respond to the conditions around hoardings. These are often visually busy spaces where people are moving through rather than lingering. Consider viewing distance, scale and detail.
  • Works that are modular (sectional or repeatable) to account for various hoarding configurations. See submission guidelines.

Visual artists working in any medium are encouraged to submit, so long as it can be rendered into a 2D print at the required resolution. There will be an opportunity for a short artist’s bio or statement on the hoarding. 

To visualise the impact and suitability of your design in situ, applicants should use the provided template.

  • All designs must be provided in this template. Working files are provided for various formats however each concept submission must be uploaded as either jpeg or PDF.
  • You can submit up to three concepts in a single application.
  • Applicants will also have an opportunity to be included in a database of artists open to developers wishing to independently commission artwork for hoardings. Inclusion will be based on criteria in the brief and experience as determined by CV and previous work. 

Project Description

Ongoing development occurs across our city, with construction sites requiring solid fencing (hoardings) to protect pedestrians from work being undertaken. Whilst necessary for safety, they often encroach on footpaths and impact the visual appeal of our city streets. The City of Melbourne’s Code of Practice Building, Construction and Works, sets out new conditions for hoardings to include a visual standard to ensure hoardings have a more consistent look and appeal.

Similar projects have found artwork on hoardings assists in minimising the visual impact of construction, reduces graffiti while supporting local artists.

Successful applicants will receive $8,000 + GST if applicable).The work is expected to be licensed for at least 12 months and up to 36 months.